Photo by Ayano Koiso

小磯竜也 Tatsuya Koiso
Artist / Graphic designer

2018年にはTOKYO CULTUART by BEAMSで個展を開催し、絵画とデザインの重なる領域を探る「ポスター・ペインティング」シリーズを発表。

1989 Born in Tatebayashi, Gumma
2013 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts (B.F.A. in Oil Painting)
2018 Solo Exhibition at TOKYO CULTIART by Beams
Lives and works in Tokyo

I work in the field of visual production using different media such as poster designs and artworks for music, fashion, and publishing. In `Poster Painting’ series that I introduced in my solo exhibition in 2018, I explored the overlapping territories between the poster art and fine art.